We Couldn't Do It Without You

UCCS Presents is a non-profit organization that relies on donations from generous arts enthusiasts who believe in providing memorable artistic experiences to people of all ages.

Our community rallied to build an arts complex—the Ent Center for the Arts—because we wanted to enhance the artistic landscape of Colorado Springs. With three professional stages, an art gallery, studio spaces and classrooms, the Ent Center for the Arts provides a bright new path to engaging with a variety of artistic and educational endeavors.

Our resident theatre company, Theatreworks, will continue to build on a 40+ year legacy of producing high-quality classical, contemporary, and brand new works. The Gallery of Contemporary Art carries on in exhibiting innovative pieces both in and around the new building, illuminating the work of fresh talents and long-established artists. And our brand new program, the Artist Series, brings world class musicians, dance troupes, and other captivating entertainers to the Pikes Peak Region.

Your continued support will help us build on our dazzling entrance into the Colorado Springs art scene. Your generosity allows us to maintain our high production quality, bring outstanding artists into our city, and provide students with rare and valuable educational opportunities.

You helped us construct the building - now join us in sustaining a legacy for many generations to come. Thank you for your support!

Thank you to all of our 2019 UCCS Presents donors:
Kathryn Andrus
Anthony Bigbee
Tim and Catherine Boddington
Lee W. Bodenhausen
Hayley Booth
Maximilian Bourgogne and Raysa von Hohenstaufen
Mary M. Brunette
Sally Brusenhan
Thomas Butler
Courtney R. Caramanzana
Joyce R. Carlson
Savannah Christiansen
Melinda Couch
Tiffany Cullen
Curtis J. Daniel
Wendy L. Davis
Steven J. Duff
Judith and David Finley
Douglas J. Forgue
William and Barbara Frame
Jane Fromme
Frank Gearhart
Mary Goshay
Chris Grove
Tonya Hagins
Robert Hanley
Tiyana Hardney Vela
Chance Hill
Sandra and Richard Hilt
Dan Homec
John Horner
Tyler Hoskins
Charlyn Iuppa
Rachel Jameson
Heather M. Jensen
Carolyn Jhung
Jessica Jones-Carson
Richard Joy
Marianne Kasparian
Heather U. Kelly
Lyn and John Kerschen
Michael A. Keter
Kelly Kisielnicki
Debbie Kost
Megan Lee
Jessica Lehman
Mateo Leija
Thomas and Sally Linnenbrink
Susan Luck
Suzanne MacAulay and Allan Lazrus
Michelle Madd
Carol Magill
Andrea Mai
Susan Marshall
Sheilagh A. McAteer
Molly McGuigan
James D. Merrick
Veronica L. Messerli
Amy Middlekauff
Nadia Minter
Carol and James Montgomery
Melissa Moore
Barbara Mowry
Diana J. Notaro
Ryan Odegard
William and Carol Orr
Sara M. Parks
Tom and Susan Pattee
Nicole Paulson
Renee Pazdan
Ronald L. Pearman
Kyra Phillips
Lynne Prouhet
Robert Ransome
Barb Ray
Angela Richardson
Gregory J. Roberts
Geena Robinson
Judith and Larry Sargent
Steven G. and Marsha Schwartz
Elizabeth Scott
Andrea V. Scully
Sally Sharpe and John King III
Kim Shatteen
Pam Shockley-Zalabak
Missy Sieders
Marvin Strait
Caleb P. Tanner
Marguerite Terze
Robert and Rebecca Tillman
Turnip Top Foundation
Eve Van Rennes
Erica E. Vance
Fred and Linda Veitch
Randy L. Wall
Frank Walters
Lasaundra Watson
Kathleen Werneck
Philip B. White
Tonya M. Wilson-Buice
Shawn M. Womack
Dedra Worley
Michelle Yarbrough
Cynthia Young

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Special Funds

You may also support specific UCCS Presents programs. Please select from the following initiatives:

Supports innovative site-specific and gallery exhibitions (free to the public), community outreach, and educational opportunities.

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Murray & Betty Ross founded Theatreworks in 1975. This endowment fund will provide Theatreworks with the ability to hire outstanding local and national talent, and pay actors and designers competitive wages.

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Supports general production and administrative costs for Theatreworks, including actor and designer travel expenses & wages, set-building materials and labor, props, community outreach, and educational opportunities.

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The Artist Series is dedicated to bringing exceptional musicians, singers, dance troupes, and performers to Colorado Springs. This fund supports artist fees, travel expenses, community outreach, educational opportunities, and general operating expenses.

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For more information, please contact:

Brandon Massey
Development & Communications Manager
Phone: (719) 255 6432
Email: bmassey@uccs.edu

Mailing Address:

UCCS Presents
1420 Austin Bluffs Pkwy
Colorado Springs CO, 80918