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2003 Biennial Art Faculty Exhibition

2003 Biennial Art Faculty Exhibition

February 21–April 4, 2003


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From its beginning as a degree program in 1970, the Visual Art Department at CU, Colorado Springs, has offered Bachelors of Arts degrees in studio art and art history. Since 1981 there has also been an undergraduate minor in Gallery Management in conjunction with the art museum, which acts as a lab for the minor. Within the studio program, coursework is offered in painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, papermaking, computer imaging, and time based media.

The UCCS art faculty are active not only in teaching, but in pursuing their own creative interests. The tradition of artist/teachers began centuries ago when master artisans took apprentices into their workshops to teach them their trade. Outside the United States it is less common for universities to offer degrees in art, leaving this job to trade schools, which are referred to there as polytechnical schools.

Exhibition and programming support provided by the institute of Museum and Library Services, a federal agency; Colorado Council on the Arts, a state agency funded by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Colorado General Assembly; the UCCS Student Government Association on the behalf of the Student Body; Springs Magazine; and the Gallery’s membership.