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Neo-Geo Revisited

Neo-Geo Revisited

June 6–August 1, 2003

New participants include: Bill Beard, Elaine Bean, Deb Komitor, Steve Wood, and Gerry Riggs.


Events are free, but space is limited—register to secure your spot.

“Moving Toward a Sustainable Colorado Springs” is presenting public programming over the summer months on various issues related to our community’s growth and future sustainability. This group evolved from the Geo -Genetics Network which formed in Colorado Springs roughly ten years ago to address the ideas surrounding notions of a sense of place.

Joining the network in 1995, the Gallery of Contemporary Art at UCCS, invited local artists to visualize their concerns, both positive and negative, about our community’s growth and development. At the time, the big issues were visible scars on the surrounding mountains, and traffic problems on I-25. This exhibition, called Neo-Geo was undertaken to involve citizens, through network programming, to develop a sence of responsibility for sustainable and appropriate growth.

This time, looming issues, brought on by drought, nearby fires and coping with seemingly unchecked growth, appear much larger and more pressing for our community. Eighteen local artists from the 1995 show have accepted the invitation to readdress the theme in light of what their concerns are now. An additional six artists have been added to the show to provide further insight. Returning artists are: Roger Appleton, Michael Baum, Doug Beechwood-LeFae. Bill Bugress, Christie Callaham, Sharon Carvell, Max Eisele, Tracy Felix, Don and Maxine Green, Richard Hansen, Tom Latka, Lenore McKerlie, Steve Morath, Pat Musick, John Odlin, Floyd Tunson, Dawn Wilde.

The Exhibition marks the initial event for collaborators to kick off a wide range of planned public programs to take place throughout Colorado Springs between June and August.