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Manifestations Of The Sacred

Manifestations Of The Sacred

August 15–October 10, 2003

The artists invited to participate include Sarah Asleson, Jeff Brown, David Caricato, Pat Dagnon, Carol Dass, Atomic Elroy, George Ericson, Lin Fife, Patricia Heath, Milissa Hicks, Julia Hoerner, Margaret Kasahara, Ramona Lapsley, John Lawson, Liz McCombs, Lenore McKerlie, Dale Mueller Smith, Conrad Nelson, Sean O’Meallie, Barbara Resch, Gene Schilling, Karen Simkiss, Scott Synder, Laurle Swab, Elizabeth Szabo, Kevin Thayer, Antonio, Tirado, Any Towne, Floyd Tunson, Bonnie Wah and Dawn Wilde.


Events are free, but space is limited—register to secure your spot.

This is the museum’s second collaboration with Szabo acting as an independent curator. Her previous show here was Art History 101. She worked at the museum as a student Gallery Assistant while attending Gallery Management classes. At that time she became interested in learning what was involved in curating exhibitions.

This show addresses imagery that the participating artists visualize as Sacred. Sacred in this instance is defined as something worthy of reverence, respect, or veneration; something made or declared holy; something dedicated to or set apart for worship;something pertaining to religious objects; rites or practices, but not specifically religion or any particular religious body.

The show itself is an expanded version of an earlier show Szabo and Jina Pierce, Curator for the Sangre de Christo Art and Conference Center in Pueblo, put together for the Art Gallery at the University of Southern Colorado. This expanded version includes 31 artists, mostly from Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs, but also one each from Chipita Park, Pueblo, Alamosa, Buena Vista, Evergreen and Denver. Two others from Colorado now live and work in Illinois, and one each in Texas, and New Jersey.

The Exhibition includes photography, painting, mixed media, sculpture, as well as video and audio works.