Galleries of Contemporary Art
Selections From The Colorado Collection

Selections From The Colorado Collection

May 27–August 5, 2005


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University of Colorado President, Elizabeth Hoffman, in collaboration with the CU Art Museum in Boulder and the Gallery of Contemporary Art at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Present: Selections from the Colorado Collection: Four Vignettes.

The Vignettes, or small exhibitions are:
A Looking Glass of One’s Own: Contemporary Women Photographers
Two Mexican Views: Photographs by Paul Strand and Manuel Bravo
Books, Maps, and Multiples: Contemporary Graphic Art
Minimalism: Presence – Absence

These exhibitions were selected from the Colorado Collection, the CU Art Museum’s permanent collection, by Lisa Tamiris Becker (CU Art Museum Director) with organizational assistance from Brigit Carlin (CU Art Museum’s Collection Manager). The last time an exhibition from this extensive state-owned art collection was shown at the Gallery of Contemporary Art was in March of 2002. This particular show was guest curated by Bridget Carlin. Lisa Becker’s selections focus on modern and contemporary art organized into four exhibitions featuring contemporary women photographers; photographs of Mexico by two masters, Paul Stand and Manuel Bravo; Contemporary prints and artists’ books; and selections of significant minimalist works on paper. The collection was started in 1939 to be used as a teaching tool for students. It has grown into a comprehensive collection that enriches the educational experience of students, faculty, and the broader CU community, as well as the general public, through exposure to origional works of art and thus art history, museum studies, contemporary art practice, and various social and cultural issues that can be addressed through viewing such art.