Galleries of Contemporary Art
On The Wall

On The Wall

January 13–March 17, 2006


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A few of SAQA’s Colorado based members were given the task of coordinating with the museum in developing a prospectus, designing and printing a show catalog, collecting submitted slides for the show’s curator and informing the participating SAQA artists and the museum about the works selected. Susan Crouse-Kemp performed the bulk of this work with Deidre Adams compiling the selected slide images and converting them into digital images for the show’s publicity and publishing efforts. Judith Trager made the initial site visit with Susan to help get the ball rolling.

Dr. Alice Zrebiec, Consulting Curator of Textiles for the Denver Art Museum was commissioned to make selections from 238 works by 84 artists.She selected 67 works by the 52 artists that make up this stunning exhibition. Gallery workstudy Dan Brassart unpacked the works and checked them off the master list.He also helped prepare the walls and the layout and hang the show, along with Gallery Workstudy Jonathan Orr, Gallery Management Student Laura Ben-Amonts and Community Volunteer Deb Floersch. Gallery Workstudy Heather Greenlee typeset and proofed all the labels and didactic panels. Community volunteer Helen Kedzierski submitted the necessary official forms for the opening reception and custodial work. The UCCS sign shop provided the twoshow’s vinyl signage. The College of Letters Arts and Sciences helped pay for the catering for the combined opening and my official retirement party.

Support for the exhibitions was provided by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Colorado General Assembly; the UCCS Student Government Association on behalf of the student body’s cultural awareness; and the museums loyal membership.