Galleries of Contemporary Art
2006 Student Art Exhibit

2006 Student Art Exhibit

April 7–June 2, 2006


Events are free, but space is limited—register to secure your spot.

Submissions for these annual shows are open to any UCCS student presently enrolled, or enrolled durring the Fall 2005 semester. These exhibits are intriguing as they include a broad range of experimental work executed by UCCS students in virtually all art media. The museum show is often the first opportunity for emerging artists to exhibit work in a museum setting. These annual shows also provide a ready means for the art going public to spot potential talent and to aquire origional art inexpensively before an artist’s career is established.

Jurors for this year’s show include Jina Pierce, Curator of visual arts for the Sangre de Christo Art Center in Pueblo, Tim Davis a local artist, and Rian Kerrane proffesor of sculpture at the University of Colorado Denver. All three jurors are well known in the local art scene.

The Salon des Refuses consists of work submitted to the jurors, but not accepted into the museum show. Students may elect a rejected piece of work to be shown in this spin-off show. The Salon des Refuses is named after the show sanctioned by Napoleaon III in 1863, as a result of public outcry at the Impressionist’s exclusion from the annual French Academies Beaux Arts Salon. The Impressionists are now regarded as the most well known artists of all time. The historical implication of this particular show title is designed to take some of the stigma of rejection away from the artists, and usually rivals the accepted work in the museum show in talent and artistry.

These exhibitions are the only annual shows the Gallery of Contemporary Art regularly schedules. They always take place at the end of Spring semester and are collaborative projects involving the museum’s Gallery Management students, the UCCS Student Art Club, and the University Center. Essentially the exhibitions are wholly student projects designed to benefit the Student Art Club directly through submission fees, as well as to provide venues and practical experience to students involved in exhibiting art and learning about installing and promoting art exhibitions.