Galleries of Contemporary Art


June 20–August 7, 2008

Matt Barton and Corey Drieth


Events are free, but space is limited—register to secure your spot.

The Gallery of Contemporary Art, UCCS presents New Faculty: Matt Barton and Corey Drieth opening June 20. The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs hired two new studio art faculty members in 2007: Matt Barton (3D) and Corey Drieth (2D). The Gallery of Contemporary Art will introduce you to the work of these engaging new figures on the Pikes Peak art scene.

Matt Barton graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Art and Bachelors in Art Education from Montana State University and his Masters of Fine Art from Carnegie Mellon University. While growing up southern Indiana, he worked as a performer at Chuck E. Cheese, dancing in a rat suit while a mechanical animal band performed hit songs, such as, “Walkin’ on Sunshine.” True to his roots at Chuck E. Cheese, Matt’s puckish artwork often utilizes motorized, convulsing and gyrating plush and stuffed animals. Video collages are projected on the walls, providing a room-size environment for the activities of the mechanically enhanced woodland creatures.

In the work of Corey Drieth, paint washes gently over the subtle wood grain of the surface of his panels. Resembling curtains or flowing water, his paintings act as meditative facades. Drieth cites Georgia O’Keefe, Arthur Dove and the minimalist Agnes Martin as influences upon his work suggesting his love of simple, small-scale abstraction.