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Displacement: Cinema Out of Site

Displacement: Cinema Out of Site

August 7–9, 2009

Christopher May, Pablo Marín, Gregg Savage, Rachel Cole, and Jesse Kennedy


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Displacement is the perfect marriage of a program and a project. The program, AWOL: Art Without Limits, creates new forums for artistic discussion through site specific installations, happenings and non-traditional exhibition spaces. The project, Displacement, is a conversation based on the art of displaced cinema. Both the program and project value the importance of space, and both challenge traditional expectations of what an exhibition site should be. This collaboration between GOCA and TIE, The International Experimental Cinema Exposition, will be presented on the top floor of the Kiowa & Nevada parking garage in downtown Colorado Springs. Lectures will be offered to explore the discourse of expanded (or displaced) cinema, aural experimentation, spectatorship, the recontectualization of found-footage, and parkour (the art of movement).

Displacement: Cinema Out of Site is collaboration and presentation of film works by contemporary Argentine and North American avant-gardists encouraging an intercontinental dialogue between artists. These artists, writers and curators present moving image and sound creations on a public parking garage. Rachel Cole, a participating artist, wrote “Place isn’t lost, it is rather 'displaced,' undone, emptied of meaning of itself, a location without linear measurement.” Displaced is not misplaced. The cinema and this program are not lost; instead they have been stripped of popular expectations for what they should be. Many would say art should be in a gallery and film in a theater. This project uses an existing space, urban architecture, to redefine the viewer’s experience of the work presented.