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Moan: pleasure and pain

Moan: pleasure and pain

March 4–April 2, 2010

Carol Dass, Aaron Graves, Claire Rau, Kim Lovelace, Corey Drieth, Laura Bearl, Erik Schubert, Taylor Stamp, Mariya Zvonkovich, Amber Marchlowska, Matt Barton, Courtney Matthews, Olivia Lundberg, Elizabeth Raitz, Pauline Foss, Brett Wilson, Valerie Brodar, Dom Puleo, Erin Elder, and Lisa Cross


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Taking inspiration from a sound that straddles pleasure and pain, Moan features art work in a variety of media by UCCS Visual Art faculty and students as a part of the City Dionysia Festival. A maelstrom of violence, The Bacchae is a potent source for examining the heart of revelry, intoxication, and vengeance.