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Beers Made by Walking

Beers Made by Walking

After each hike, the brewers built beer recipes, taking into consideration the plants and ingredients they identified. The ingredients were purchased from local herb and spice shops and beer was brewed by the Homebrewer in the commercial space of both Pikes Peak Brewing (2nd Tasting) and Rocky Mountain Brewery (1st Tasting). Two times during the summer and fall, a local pub hosted a special event where the beers were put on tap and available to the general public.

If you missed the first tasting, download THIS to find out more about all the beers.

If you missed the second tasting, download THIS to find out more about the final four beers.

In his work, Steen highlights beer as an artform, and the people who make it he believes to be artists. He believes that drinking good beer is actually a form of activism, that beer is both a social lubricant and a social glue. Beer brings people into a greater awareness of food production and a community-based mindset, so in Steen's opinion it is more than just a drink, it is a powerful tool for social change.

For Beers Made By Walking, Steen connected various interests groups and found affinities in fields seemingly unrelated in beer, environmentalism, botany, and outdoor adventure.

Eric Steen is an artist, homebrewer, and currently Instructor of Visual Art at UCCS. He's the writer for Focus on the Beer, which is a Pikes Peak Region Beer Blog. He's organized many beer events, such as this one, for the last few years in Oregon, Michigan, Missouri, New York, and Glasgow, Scotland.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: The Friends of North Cheyenne Canyon, The Friends of Garden of the Gods, The Friends of Red Rock Canyon Open Space, Brewer's Republic, Rocky Mountain Brewery and all the home-brewers who have signed on for this project!

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