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systematizing: part 1

systematizing: part 1

November 4–December 16, 2010

R. Justin Stewart


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There are systems all around us. From bureaucracies to weather patterns and routines to computer programming, systems are not only a part of our world, but they help define our place in it. We use and depend on systems to maintain and describe order. We are also constantly creating new ones.

systematizing explores various forms of systems, including social systems (particularly as they relate to technology and social media), systems and patterns in nature, and systems organically and methodically constructed in specific spaces.

This exhibition features work in both UCCS galleries (GOCA121 and GOCA1420), the first time a single theme has occupied both spaces.

GOCA1420 features a site-specific installation titled “fully empty 2” by R. Justin Stewart, a Brooklyn-based artist. Stewart’s work, including his installation at GOCA1420 investigates how information is translated, transformed and conveyed across time and space.

Project description by R. Justin Stewart: “fully empty 2” is composed of numerous fleece pods made of a fabric body and end caps which are linked by rope to each other and the surrounding architecture. Through the installation process, the ropes create tension on the pods, giving shape to the otherwise limp fabric forms. Each unit is defined by its placement within the installation, such that its shape is determined by its relationship to its neighboring units and vice versa, allowing it to form organically. There is no blueprint for the overall installation, but rather the work grows piece by piece in an emergent fashion.