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AFTERMATH: Zombie Apocalypse

AFTERMATH: Zombie Apocalypse

October 13, 2011 | 7:30 PM

Patrick Bohnen, Iputu Hiranmayena, Melissa Hunting, Lachlan Gonzales, Jourdan Jackson, Amber Marchlowska, Dakota Martin, Courtney Matthews, Levi Smith, Taylor Stamp, and Brent Wollman

This happening explores the relationships between audience, installation and performance art by pushing the normal expectations of a gallery show. This experience encourages students and community members to become a part of the exhibition, both by coming dressed as a zombie or survivor, and by actually interacting with some of the work on display.

It's FREE art, performance, music, food! Plus there are costume prizes for Best Zombie, Best Survivor, and Most Creative. And parking restrictions in Lot 3 on the UCCS campus will be lifted for the duration of the event.

So, if you dare, rip up your Sunday best and try to survive the night!

Presented by the UCCS Art Club

Sponsored by UCCS Office of Student Activities, VAPA, UCCS Campus Housing Programs, and GOCA.