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Backlit Comb, Photo by Laura Tyler, 2010


August 25–October 6, 2011

Matt Barton, Jane McMahan, Susan Meyer, Elaine Ng, and Laura Tyler


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It's estimated that one in three bites of food on our fork come courtesy of the work of pollinators. Honeybees are vital not only to our backyard ecosystems but play a powerhouse role in large-scale food production as well. The human-honeybee relationship goes back thousands of years--we've farmed bees to the point that we are now highly dependent on their ability to bring fruit (and nuts) to bear on our crops. As bees suffer from Colony Collapse Disorder Syndrome, a mysterious combination of viral and environmental attacks on bee colonies, humans need to give back to the bees who have given us so much and work to support their existence.

HIVE will expand beyond the gallery as part of a city-wide celebration of pollinators in Fall 2011 called CROSS-POLLINATION. Visit the CROSS-POLLINATION website for a complete listing of events by clicking here.

Link to the NOUSBEE Project webpage and track the honeybees' progress in Jane McMahan's hives:

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Artist Bios:

Matt Barton currently teaches 3D art making for the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs' Visual and Performing Arts department. Following brief stints as a Chuck E. Cheese dancing rat, Barton spent a year in Italy as an artist apprentice. He earned his Masters in Fine Arts in 2006 from the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

Jane McMahan is a conceptual artist, painter, educator, and social activist living and working in Colorado. Her work explores ways to visually capture the process of construction, deconstruction and reconstruction and the moments when they occur simultaneously. Recurring themes in her work include environmental issues, astronomy, biology, meteorology, cultural interactions and grids. McMahan received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Colorado.

Susan Meyer is a Denver-based artist and faculty at Denver University in the Visual Arts Department. Meyer earned her MFA at Boston Museum School/Tufts University and her B.S. in Studio Art at Skidmore College.

Elaine Ng is a sculptor working in ceramics and mixed media. She creates poetic installations, choosing subject matters for both their literal identities and the metaphorical references she assigns them. Born in Dallas, Texas, Elaine received her BA in music from the University of California, Davis, where she also studied pre-veterinary medicine and ceramic sculpture. Additionally, she holds an MBA and an MA in arts administration from Southern Methodist University. After a 10-year career in nonprofit management, she returned to making her own artwork and is currently living and working in Boulder, Colorado.

Laura Tyler is a painter and filmmaker who speaks nationally about beekeeping and honeybees. Her paintings feature rigorously cropped drawings of botanical subjects coated with a skin-like sheen of encaustic paint. She is the producer and director of the beekeeping documentary SISTER BEE and is a co-founder of the Boulder, Colorado honey company, Backyard Bees. Tyler earned a BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston and is a lover of sunlight, flowers and alizarin orange. This is her eleventh season keeping bees.