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Ways of Knowing: part 2

Ways of Knowing: part 2

October 21–December 16, 2011

James Griffioen, Rori Knudtson, Laleh Mehran, Yumi J. Roth


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Part 2: James Griffioen | Yumi J. Roth

Ways of Knowing explores the paths we take and methods we use in defining and experiencing place. Place is an amorphous entity: hard to define because it is personal, comprised of memories, mapping points, and cultural cues.

Four artists individually interpret their notion of place from diverse viewpoints: James Griffioen documents the metamorphosing urban landscape of Detroit, Michigan, through large-format photography; Rori Knudtson attempts to reconcile intimacy with the vast Arctic landscape through video, photography and installation; Laleh Mehran navigates the personal and political experiences of two opposing and merging cultural terrains through a site-specific project; Yumi J. Roth investigates our definitions of location and security through materials and installation.

PLACES, an eight-week lecture series related to the exhibit, features sixteen speakers including the four Ways of Knowing artists. Click here for more information.