Women of Will

Women of Will

by Tina Packer

November 9–15, 2011

Tina Packer claims there here are 177 female characters in Shakespeare. Nothing compared to the 770 men. But Juliet, Cleopatra, Rosalind, Lady Macbeth, Desdemona and Kate the Shrew are quite a handful.

You’ll meet them and several more in this extraordinary performance, which The New York Times calls “a lively and illuminating tour” of the women of Will.

Ms. Packer is the founding artistic director of Shakespeare & Company, and there is no one more qualified to lead us into the unusually rich world of Shakespeare’s heroines, queens, warriors, saints and murderers. She doesn’t merely show, she also tells-- explaining as she explores the many variations of the feminine Shakespeare created over his long dramatic career.

There’s a man in the room too, Nigel Gore, her performing partner who fully assists as husband, lover, friend and foe.


  • Tina PackerWomen
  • Nigel GoreMen

Artistic Team

  • Murray RossArtistic Director
  • Drew MartorellaExecutive Director
  • Caitlin GreenDevelopment Director
  • Ryan NeelyProducing Director
  • Roy BallardTechnical Director
  • Ryan NeelyStage Manager
  • Tonya Moake NeelyLighting Design