Galleries of Contemporary Art

Bill Starr, "The Ghost of Michael Clark", 2012


May 3–June 29, 2013

GOCA Downtown

Matt Chmielarczyk, Bill Starr, and Andrea Wallace


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Matt Chmielarczyk's iPhone-generated and social-media shared photographic documentation of his daughter's life-changing surgery explores the line of personal versus public and invites our viewers to become a part of one family's community of support and empathy. In his most recent work, he is addressing the idea that images are images, regardless of the tool with which they are captured or how they are viewed.

Bill Starr has for the past 30 years captured movement in dance, theater, performance art and most recently Colorado's indie/electronic/folk music scene through photography. Starr's physical and social challenges from living with acute rheumatoid arthritis since the age of nine inform how he observes and translates movement into his prolific photographic practice. His photographs capture the structural economy of the body, the architectural and functional beauty of muscle and bone, as well as the extravagant beauty of the human form that escapes the bounds of interpretation. Starr sees the studio as a space that allows interaction and experimentation among those who collaborate to create a photograph: models and photographer.

Andrea Wallace's background as a photojournalist informs her work in large-format color photography. Her work is concerned with sense of place, memory and identity. Wallace is exhibiting a new body of work for this exhibit - "Towards Amnesia".


Matt Chmielarczyk studied Illustration at The Center for Creative Studies - College of Art and Design in Detroit, Michigan, then relocated to Alaska in 1989 where he studied the photography and darkroom techniques of his unknowing mentors - Henri Cartier-Bresson, Edward Weston, Paul Strand, and Richard Misrach. In 2000, Matt relocated to Manitou Springs, CO where he owned and operated The Manitou Center for Photography, a gallery committed to the work of the region's finest art photographers, until it's close in 2006. Matt is interested in creating a body of eclectic works that run the gamut of available film formats and styles. He can be known to explore his subjects with the reactionary instant of street imagery and the precious rarity of a one-of-a-kind Polaroid image, the cinematic reflection of the 8x20 inch negative of the banquet camera to the immediacy and undeniable handiness of his iphone camera. He lives and works in Colorado Springs, CO with his wife- Sarah, and his two daughters - Miette and Evalina.

Bill Starr was born in Princeton, New Jersey in 1961 into a family of artists. His mother, Susan Armstrong Starr, was born in Colorado Springs and had her high school plays photographed by Laura Gilpin. His father, William Starr, Jr., who was the engineer in charge of construction of the foundations for the World Trade Centers in New York, died shortly before the September 11 attacks. His sister, Margaret Starr, writes children's stories in Brooklyn, New York. At fifteen, Starr took a basic darkroom course at the local YMCA, but otherwise is completely self-taught. He came west to attend classes at Colorado College, switching majors from chemistry to comparative literature, but left short of graduation. His background in chemistry is apparent in the advanced darkroom techniques that he uses. Starr is extremely prolific in his photographic work, taking as many as 5,000 pictures a year. He currently lives and works in Colorado Springs, CO.

Andrea Wallace received her MFA from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She is the Artistic Director for Photography and Digital Media at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Snowmass, Colorado. Wallace's photographs are in the permanent collections of the Sonido del Instituto del Artes, Medellin, Columbia, the Hallie Ford Art Museum, Salem, OR, PhotoLucida, Portland, OR, the University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, and other corporate and private collections. Her film Rochell and Brian +5, a documentary about a teenage couple in the ranching community of Kremmling, Colorado premiered at the New York International Independent Film Festival in 2005 and at Rooftop Films, Brooklyn, NY in 2006. She has exhibited nationally and internationally with numerous shows throughout the Americas, Europe, China and the Middle East.