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RAIN MACHINE: Eric Tillinghast

RAIN MACHINE: Eric Tillinghast

August 30–December 7, 2012


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Artist Eric Tillinghast has created a monumental, site-specific water installation—a “rain machine”—in GOCA1420 (UCCS' 2800 square foot gallery). Tillinghast was in residence for three weeks, during which time he invovled numerous volunteers - UCCS students and community - in the process of his work. The installation inspired an interdisciplinary investigation of water, culminating in a lecture series featuring speakers on this vast and important subject from interdisciplinary perspectives.

Eric Tillinghast was born in 1974 in Los Angeles, and currently lives and works in northern California. In 1990-91 Tillinghast attended the Virginska Konst Skolan in Orebro, Sweden, after which he continued to study art Western State University, in Colorado, and completed an Industrial Welding program in Santa Barbara, California. In 1995 he established a studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and began a series of works that explore the use of water as a sculptural material. Works from this series have been exhibited at The Albright Knox Gallery, in Buffalo, The Galerie der Stadt Mainz Bruckenturm, in Mainz, Germany, The Museum of Fine Art, in Santa Fe, Rocket, in London, P.S., in Amsterdam, and The Center For Contemporary Non-Objective Art, in Brussels.

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Using the immersive and massive “Rain Machine” installation by artist Eric Tillinghast as a springboard, H20: Water, Culture & Politics will bring academic, entrepreneurial, and regional community voices to UCCS for this interdisciplinary series. Click here for more information.