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Destiny Manifest

(Left) Isabelle Hayeur, Vacance/ Underworlds Series, Color Photographic Print, 2011. 45" x 42" (Right) Holly Parker Dearborn, Extreme Force/Active Ingredients Series, Used motor-oil and dirt, 2014. (detail)

Destiny Manifest

April 4–May 17, 2014

GOCA Downtown

Isabelle Hayeur and Holly Parker Dearborn


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Artists Isabelle Hayeur and Holly Parker Dearborn use by-products of our industrial world - polluted waterways, disturbed landscapes, and used motor oil and soil - to powerfully explore our current and future environmental crises through photography, mixed-media and video installation. DESTINY MANIFEST is a multi-media visual art exhibit and program, including an artist residency, public talks on environment and art, and environmental service projects, with a goal of sparking dialogue.

Manifest Destiny was a widely held belief in the inevitability of settling and mastering the continent of North America during the 19th century, an ideal that endures in our cultural identity. Two centuries later, GOCA has invited two artists who confront the consequences of developing the North American continent and ask us to consider implications of the destiny we have manifested for ourselves.

French-Canadian artist Isabelle Hayeur's Underworlds and Excavation series of large-scale photographic digital assemblages capture polluted waterways and critically explore the impact of human sprawl on urban environments.

Colorado-based Holly Parker Dearborn's Extreme Force and Roman Buses series and Destroyer of Worlds multi-media installation explore issues related to war, industrial weapons, climate change, pollution and resources.