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SANSARA Modern Dance Performance

SANSARA Modern Dance Performance

October 4, 2013 | 7:00 PM

GOCA Downtown

As part of the city-wide creative project - CROSS-CREATIONS: gods & monsters - GOCA has invited community-based Sansara dance company to create new pieces for performance on Friday, October 4, as part of the opening celebration for the UCCS Visual Arts Faculty exhibit in GOCA121.

About Sansara

Sansara, a performance based Modern dance company in Colorado Springs, uses its dancer' eclectic backgrounds and training to bring politically, socially, and personally relevant works to their audience. Literally translated, "Sansara" means continuous movement through life, a concept that the company's dancers strive to convey in their work. Sansara seeks to push the envelope with thought-provoking subject matter while making dance accessible to all members of their community.

About CROSS-CREATIONS: gods & monsters

The second bi-annual city-wide creative project organized by GOCA UCCS and five other Colorado Springs arts and culture institutions features contemporary art exhibits, lectures, film events, panel discussions, tastings, and even a LUNCHBEAT dance party from September - November, 2013. CROSS-CREATIONS: gods & monsters will inspire dialogue around the many ideas presented - on a city-wide scale. Sparked by discussions about Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and the myriad creative possibilities under the theme of gods and monsters - science & ethics, good & evil, literary & film references, campy & deadly serious - the theme is ripe for creative interpretation.