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WALDSTERBEN: Sudden Aspen Decline

WALDSTERBEN: Sudden Aspen Decline

July 2, 2013

GOCA Downtown

De Lane Bredvik


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Part of AWOL (Art WithOut Limits) Project

Artist De Lane Bredvik is known for immersive, poetic, and spatial installations and was in the first GOCA121 exhibit, Point A, in 2010. His installation in the atrium of the Plaza of the Rockies will feature soaring 30' tall panels that will create an aspen forest experience indoors.

Waldsterben: SAD, sudden aspen decline

"Waldsterben" is the German word for "forest death." It emerged 40 years ago to describe the first massive forest mortality events due to human industrial activity.

Colorado's aspen forests are currently experiencing "Waldsterben." Almost a quarter of all aspen forests in Colorado have died in the past ten years. Scientists labeled this phenomenon "sudden aspen decline" because the cause was not clear. Researchers now understand that increasing cycles of heat and drought triggered by global climate change is the cause.