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GREAT EXPECTATIONS: Marina Eckler & Donald Fodness

GREAT EXPECTATIONS: Marina Eckler & Donald Fodness

October 3–November 15, 2014

GOCA Downtown


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Marina Eckler and Donald Fodness are emerging contemporary artists from Colorado's Front Range, working in Manitou Springs and Denver respectively. The artists created individual site-specific installations for this exhibit, which refers to an artist's intervention in a specific locale. Working with a wide range of media and employing an arsenal of tactics, Eckler and Fodness each worked in situ over a two-week period to create immersive experiences in our downtown gallery spaces. The title of the exhibit alludes to both the revelatory process of sculptural installation and the nature of emerging artists in the overarching art world.

GOCA supports artists in creation of new works, risk-taking, and experimentation as a core principle of the organization - all of which are highlighted in this exhibit. We invite you to learn about the artists, spend time with their singular visions, and expect great things from both in the future, as well as the present.