Psycho Beach Party

Psycho Beach Party

by Charles Busch; directed by Kevin Landis

October 23–November 9, 2014

Dusty Loo Bon Vivant Theater

There’s some spooky stuff afoot on the sands. People are getting knocked out and waking up to find their bodies have been shaved—entirely shaved. Who is the demon barber of Malibu? Could it be one of the hunky surfer guys? Yo-Yo, Star Cat or Provoloney? What about Kanaka, who once rode the giant wave at Bali in handcuffs? Could it be that stuck up girl, or the B movie star? Or might it be the bookworm always quoting Sartre and existential philosophy? Surely it couldn’t be Chicklet, the tomboy who thinks about nothing except learning to surf? Yet there is something odd about that girl. For one thing she seems to have some pretty weird multiple personalities, and for another she’s being played by a boy.

The answers to this tantalizing mystery and many others will be revealed during the wild luau that concludes Psycho Beach Party.

The play by Charles Busch is a hilarious and charming mash up of 1960’s slasher and beach movies. It’s all high camp and good Halloween fun, pretty much guaranteed to leave you smiling all the way home.