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UCCS Senior Visual Arts Majors Exhibition: Et Al.

UCCS Senior Visual Arts Majors Exhibition: Et Al.

April 17–May 16, 2015

Laurie Bosserman, Max Broxson, Sara Grace Cofield, Clayton Delaney Jr., Alison Harano, Matthew Lemon, Jeremy Ludwig, Alexa Mashour, Ashley Murphy, Michaela O'Neil, Margie Rick, Benjamin Smith, Naomi Verdugo, Stormie Vialpando, Sarah Wicker, & Taylor "Sorin" Wieland


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The annual Senior Visual Art (VAPA) Majors exhibit is not only the culminating exhibition of works but is a professional practice experience for the artists. From start to finish, the artists own every aspect of the exhibit, from curation and design to installation and lighting to marketing and PR to the opening reception, gallery staffing and the closing and deinstallation.This is the ninth annual senior VAPA major art exhibition at GOCA 1420 at UCCS.