Galleries of Contemporary Art
36 Views of Pikes Peak

Spring View, Jean Gumpper, woodcut print, 11 x 15"

36 Views of Pikes Peak

July 11–September 13, 2014

GOCA Downtown

36 Views of Pikes Peak includes ten artists living and working in the Pikes Peak region: Cole T. Bennett, Sean Cayton, Corie Cole, Carol S. Dass, Marina Eckler, Jean Gumpper, Lindsay Hand, Heather Oelklaus, Holly Parker Dearborn, and Bogdan Swider.


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36 Views of Pikes Peak is a collaborative project between the UCCS Galleries of Contemporary Art, KRCC's 'The Big Something', and the Pikes Peak Library District. Based on famed Japanese printmaker Hokusai's 36 Views of Mt. Fuji, the project aims to explore the myriad ways that the iconic Pikes Peak mountain draws the region together and defines us. Hokusai's '36 Views of Mt. Fuji' series of prints use Mt. Fuji as a way to unite portrayal of multiple facets of Japanese culture in the early 1800's. Mt. Fuji is seldom the primary subject of the compositions in the series, but rather a backdrop to genre scenes-an early conceptual premise (inspiring the Impressionists, among others) with which to narrate a much larger story about class, society, values and aesthetics. In similar fashion, the ten artists included in this exhibit use Pikes Peak as a starting point for a conceptual conversation about life in the region, presenting works in printmaking, photography, mixed-media sculpture, video, painting, drawing and ceramic installation.

A concurrent and connected juried exhibit of postcard-size art will be on display at the Pikes Peak Library District's new '21c' space from July - September, 2014. Jurors for this related exhibit are Noel Black (KRCC), Daisy McConnell (GOCA) and Dee Sabol Vasquez (PPLD).