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Bright Young Things

Daisy Patton, Untitled (Blondie) - detail, oil-painted photo print, 2014

Bright Young Things

July 10–August 29, 2015

GOCA Downtown

BRIGHT YOUNG THINGS includes eight artists living and working along the Front Range of Colorado: Tobias Fike (Denver), Megan Gafford (Boulder), Caitlin Goebel (Colorado Springs), Matthew Harris (Denver), Dmitri Obergfell (Denver), Daisy Patton (Denver), George P. Perez (Boulder), and Kristin Stransky (Denver).


Events are free, but space is limited—register to secure your spot.

BRIGHT YOUNG THINGS surveys emerging artists working along the Colorado Front Range corridor. Artists working in Colorado in 2015 are diverse and this exhibit at our downtown GOCA121 site aims to reflect that reality. Works presented include collaborative performance, ceramics, photography, installation, painting and new and mixed-media. The artists in this exhibit are pushing and innovating the limits of contemporary art and practice in exciting and challenging ways. BRIGHT YOUNG THINGS will introduce you to some of the brightest (art) stars from the Front Range of Colorado.