Galleries of Contemporary Art


June 25, 2016 | 8:00 PM

GOCA Downtown

FEATURED ARTISTS: Aaron Graves, Alix Garcia + CosPlayers, Aspen Clark , DJ Prominent, Drew Johnson -, Gypsy Ames, Karen Holloway-Infernal Creations, Kat & Bob Tudor, Kristin Stransky, Mallori Rouse, Meridith Hyland, Nicole Banowetz, Stephanie Bradley, Su Kaiden Cho, Wendy Mike & De Lane Bredvik


Events are free, but space is limited—register to secure your spot.

One night a year, GOCA focuses all of its resources to celebrate our community's exceptional creative capacity. From art, to technology to mixology-we throw an event with all the features of a fantastic party that also bolsters support for GOCA.

Inspired by retro-futuristic fantasies of the past, present, and future, this year invites you to explore the intersections of art, fashion, dance, technology and light. The evening delights all the senses, featuring a 5 course culinary art experience, local craft spirit tastings, interactive art, a wearable art live ramp show and multimedia performances.

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Check out this VIDEO of a previous year's award-winning event (below)