Galleries of Contemporary Art


March 8, 2016 | 12:00 PM

LUNCHBEAT is back!

Join us on Tuesday, March 8 from noon to 1pm to dance around the monumental installation disappear here, created by L.A. artist Jenene Nagy especially for GOCA 1420. We're also thrilled to feature food from The Flying Carrot, a UCCS food literacy project that brings awareness in food system, nutrition, and sustainability.

The Deal: we provide water, a 1-hour DJ set and a takeaway healthy lunch. You show up and dance. We guarantee, you'll leave feeling happier, smarter, and like you just had your best lunch ever. Come dance UCCS and Colorado Springs!

Lunch Beat was founded by Molly Ränge in June 2010, and the first event was arranged in the Fabel garage under Hötorget in the city of Stockholm, Sweden. 14 people attended the event. Now it's an international phenomenon, with a basic concept.