Galleries of Contemporary Art


April 15–May 14, 2016

Su Cho, Alexandra Garcia, Yuliya Drakh, Jasmine Dillavou, Ian Alexandrowicz, JD Sell, Lesley Garlan, Tam Mauldin, Elissa Cummings, and Ginger Immenhauser


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X featuring the work of 10 Senior VAPA students and presents the best of their growing bodies of work as well as their joint efforts at operating a gallery exhibition from start to finish. The work by the seniors crosses several thematic boundaries and deals with place, memory, identity, the body, mind and spirituality.

In addition to exhibiting the pinnacle of works created by the students over the course of their college experiences, the show provides a valuable professional experience for them. From start to finish the ten students worked together to exhibit and promote their work. They were responsible for everything from curation and design to installation, lighting, marketing and PR, opening reception, gallery staffing as well as the closing and de-installation of the work. This is the tenth annual Senior VAPA Majors art exhibition at GOCA 1420 on campus.