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CYBERCY: Exploring the Post-Internet Human Matrix

CYBERCY: Exploring the Post-Internet Human Matrix

May 5–June 24, 2017

GOCA Downtown

Finishing School with Yucef Merhi, Chris Coleman & Laleh Mehran, and Signe Pierce & Alli Coates


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The hyperreal, an ubiquitous kind of truth indistinguishable from a non-augmented reality, is found in Instagram filters, news articles, and throughout our digital footprint. No longer a fearful prediction for the future, our real (analog) lives after the Internet are inextricably melded with our digital lives. The intangibility of our digital idiosyncrasies begets a need to align both our avatars and our "in real life" selves. As we each traverse the Internet, what we are exposed to morphs and evolves according to what a complex set of algorithms believe we wish to see. Whether or not we embrace or reject our curated feeds and targeted advertisements makes no difference. In either scenario we follow a self-fulfilling prophecy and secure our roles in a virtual condition - a cybercy.

GOCA's CYBERCY exhibition brings together an array of artists who explore the ways in which the Internet has affected how we perceive public and private spaces; how we navigate the real, the digital, and the hyperreal; and the ways we connect and interact with one another on and off line.