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GIRL CRUSH: Amber Cobb & Laura Shill

GIRL CRUSH: Amber Cobb & Laura Shill

August 5–September 24, 2016

GOCA Downtown


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In Girl Crush, Amber Cobb and Laura Shill use found objects to investigate the abject and the body through collaborative sculptural and installation works. The artists' focus on the abject - a common human feeling of disgust for our own "corporeal reality" as mortal beings - is a unifying thread through their respective bodies of work. Visitors will be invited to engage with environments of objects featuring fleshy tones and dichotomously seductive and repulsive forms.

Drawing from the materials that each artist uses in her own individual practice - often intimate objects from the domestic sphere (in particular the bedroom) - the artists combine discarded objects with amassed and tediously hand-worked objects. Through these works, Cobb and Shill attempt to place the objectified female body in relationship with all other human bodies that stretch, break, spill and ooze.