Galleries of Contemporary Art
micro/macro: Michael Theodore

micro/macro: Michael Theodore

September 9–November 19, 2016

Studio Team: Ryan Wurst - fabrication/design; Abhishek Narula - technology design; Aaron Williams - fabrication


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Michael Theodore's newest and largest installation has transformed the UCCS Galleries of Contemporary Art 2,800' square foot campus site into an immersive perceptual experience. Inspired by subtle animal behaviors in nature such as firefly flash patterns, bioluminescence and echolocation, micro/macro evolves Theodore's ongoing exploration of machine made and organic forms and the line between chaos and order.

In micro/macro, kinetic elements pulse towards synchronized rhythm while a designed element of disorder turbulently disrupts, producing a wholly different perceptual experience for viewers each time they visit during the 11-week run of the exhibit. Washes of raking, saturated colored light combine with movement of forms and shadows as well as sound elements to dimensionally define the space.

Theodore designed modular components in collaboration with his studio team, writing code within innovative software environments, and orchestrating the space into a simultaneously minimalist and maximalist multi-layered site-specific installation. Planning and design for the work took place over a two year period, involving multiple site visits, detailed measurements and experiments with light and sound. During a three-week residency at GOCA, the artist worked with UCCS students and his studio team to achieve this new work.

Alongside the installation, Theodore is exhibiting organism/mechanism v, a two-dimensional work created through a combination of invented robotic drawing techniques and hand-painted washes of color. This truly unique process functions as a hybrid of digital art and more traditional media, extending the dialogue Theodore sparks through this exhibition.

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