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The Black Power Tarot

The Black Power Tarot

January 13–April 1, 2017


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Arish Ahmad Khan, known by his stage name of "King Khan" is a Canadian-born, Berlin-based multi-faceted musician, artist, writer, and producer. Khan divined the idea to create his own tarot deck through a series of dreams while working on the film score for the Invaders documentary and through his personal interest in reading and interpreting tarot. In collaboration with surrealist filmmaker and spiritual guru Alejandro Jodorowsky and designer Michael Eaton (visual artist on TV's "Game of Thrones"), the deck was created by Khan and includes likenesses of 26 prominent African Americans who he felt followed the proper path of illumination despite the hardships and racism of their times, including 22 musicians, two magicians, one comedian, and one activist. Eaton based the Black Power Tarot on the Tarot de Marseille preserving the sacred geometry and symbolism which Alejandro Jodorowsky had spent years working on with Philippe Camoin, the direct heir of the last of Tarot de Marseille printers in Marseille, France, to reconstruct a version of this Tarot from the 1760's.

Each card will be printed and displayed in maximal scale, amplifying the visual and metaphysical impact of the deck. The exhibit will feature the Invaders documentary film screening in the gallery space and a special lecture from the founding member of The Invaders, John B. Smith. Live tarot readings, talks, film screenings and more are planned during the run of the exhibit.