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Lazy Stitch

Image: Cannupa Hanska-Luger, Everything Anywhere, mixed media site-specific installation, 2016

Lazy Stitch

May 4–July 21, 2018

Marie Walsh Sharpe Gallery of Contemporary Art

Cannupa Hanska Luger, Chip Thomas, Jesse Hazelip, Kali Spitzer, Cohdi Harrell


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Lazy Stitch will interpret the concept of the bead as connection point for human beings across land, race, culture, gender, and time. Four contemporary artists from diverse backgrounds will work in collaboration with Cannupa Hanska Luger to investigate the concept of the bead as object. Through multiple installations, the artists will engage the idea that there is a hole in all of us—what we consume and what we waste is the thread that connects us all. As Hanska Luger states, "We are all beads, threaded together in a larger work; diverse individually yet together we create a larger social structure dependent on one another and the land for survival."