Summer Institute for Creative Teaching Practice

The UCCS Presents Education Program and the UCCS College of Education invite you to a summer institute for professional development. Educators will participate in six hands-on workshops with master teaching artists from UCCS and local professional arts programs, who will use active learning to explore the integration of arts-based practices into everyday teaching. Discover new ways to equip students with 21st century skills such as innovation, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving.

Here are just a few workshop highlights:

Ormao Dance Company’s Outreach Team partners with D20’s Math teacher, Jaima Salagovic, to generate an interactive experience of accessible ways to integrate movement into your 6th -12th grade math lesson plans. Lose the fear! Access your inner mover and shaker as we explore the endless connections between curriculum-based math concepts and dance.

The Colorado Springs Children’s Chorale team presents an exploration of singing and drama techniques that will enhance language arts knowledge and skills. From beat boxing to call and response songs, all participants will experiment with guiding their students to find their voice and how to express themselves. We will explore rhythm through poetry, community building, word choice and tone of a piece and more in this participatory workshop. Come make some noise with us!

The Colorado Springs Philharmonic's Education Director, Bernie Brink, is partnering with D-20's veteran and celebrated arts-integrated science teacher, Carla-Rae Smith, to share tactics for using Music in the Science classroom. Geared towards 6th-10th grade teachers, this workshop will offer ways to explore science and music concurrently, both as related topics, and in using musical analysis as means to express scientific concepts. Learn more about music appreciation and expand practically to use these techniques in lesson planning.