TaleSpin mini: Flash Story Hour

Have you had a fleeting encounter with a ghost? Did a chance meeting change your life? Maybe a few words of wisdom had a huge impact. We want to hear your real-life stories in three minutes or less. Join us for fast-paced, succinct stories and your chance to be featured on the TaleSpin podcast debuting this summer. So set that timer and get ready to spin a tale.

Need help preparing your three-minute story for TaleSpin Mini? On March 20 from 3-4pm, join Kraemer Family Library and the Excel Communications Center in the Sheppard Arts Learning Studio for a workshop on how to present your story in a fast-paced, succinct, and exciting way. Click HERE to register for the workshop.

Presented as part of Pollinate: Biennial Arts Festival, exploring the theme of TIME across southern Colorado, April 1-8, 2019. www.pollinateCOS.com