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First Annual VAPA Swap Meet & Art Exchange

First Annual VAPA Swap Meet & Art Exchange

September 6, 2019 | 5:00 PM

GOCA Downtown

The VAPA @ GOCA Downtown Non-Monetary Swap Meet & Art Exchange isn’t a literal “swap meet” but a fun interdisciplinary party and get together to begin the semester. It’s open to all interpretations of what one might bring to a swap or party - any performance, artwork, activity, etc - to put it another way “A modern day carnivalesque bacchanal meant to inaugurate VAPA’s joint presence in the GOCA space.” We’ll have a microphone at the ready for impromptu contributions!

All are welcome to participate in the swap--students, members of the community, faculty....ANYONE! Free and open to the public!

For more information contact Katherine Guinness at or 719-255-4065.

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