UCCS Music Program

Susan Narucki and the Cuatro Corridos Chamber Opera

Susan Narucki and the Cuatro Corridos Chamber Opera

Peak FreQuency Creative Arts

March 9, 2018 | 7:30 PM

Chapman Foundations Recital Hall

Cuatro Corridos is a chamber opera addressing one of the most critical human rights issues of our time: human trafficking. Based on true events, it tells the story of women trapped in a cycle of prostitution and slavery in and around the San Diego/Tijuana border region. Cuatro Corridos represents an unprecedented collaboration between internationally acclaimed Mexican and US-based creative artists.

Led by Grammy Award winning soprano Susan Narucki and noted Mexican author Jorge Volpi, the fully-staged production features original music by composers Hilda Paredes, Arlene Sierra, Lei Liangand Hebert Vázquez. Each composer gives voice to one of the four female characters by presenting one act in the hour-long drama.

Distinguished performers of new music, percussionist Ayano Kataoka, pianist Aleck Karis, and guitarist Pablo Gomez, accompany Narucki in sharing the compelling stories of four women whose lives are scarred by human trafficking. The powerful production, conceived by Narucki and artist-activist Karen Guancione uses iconic set elements and original graphic animation projected on a "border wall" that travels with the production.

This event is free. No tickets or registration required.