UCCS Music Program

Wai from New Zealand Meets the EcoSono Ensemble

Wai from New Zealand Meets the EcoSono Ensemble

September 29, 2018 | 7:00 PM

Chapman Foundations Recital Hall

A UCCS Music Program faculty production, Wai and EcoSono explore intercultural histories through the exchange of musical invention in collaboration with the environment. Combining the ancient “Punga (anchor) and the “Poi” technologies with contemporary computer music and ecoacoustic approaches, Wai and EcoSono engage in interactive improvisations through sound, song, movement and ecology. The New Zealand/Aotearoa Māori Electronica roots group Wai are Mina Ripia, Tuari Dawson, Uta Te Whanga and Maaka Phat. The EcoSono Ensemble is Dr. Matthew Burtner (Professor, University of Virginia) and Dr. Glen Whitehead (Associate Professor, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs). The evening will also feature a music, dance, and lecture event with Wai joined by student and faculty workshop participants from the Visual and Performing Arts Department and Ormao Dance Co.

For more information on Wai visit waimusic.co.nz. Information on EcoSono can be found at ecosono.org.

Made possible by the UCCS President’s Fund for Humanities; UCCS Global Intercultural Research Center; the UCCS Department of Visual and Performing Arts; and the UCCS College of Letters, Arts & Sciences. Free and open to the public.