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Curbside Culture

Curbside Culture

October 2, 2020 | 4:00 PM

GOCA, UCCS Downtown, and VAPA are supporting local artists and sharing the experience live and streaming on First Friday, October 2nd, 4-5 pm.

Curbside culture is a new program that delivers the performances out into the community in appropriately social-distanced circumstances. This unique performance features local artist Ryan Flores, and UCCS VAPA student Juan Valdes Bueno. He is one of the 2020-21 Music Honors Ensemble Scholarship awardees.

Juan Valdes Bueno is a Visual and Performing Arts student at UCCS. He will be participating in our Curbside Culture event. The guitar is his favorite instrument but he also plays, bass, ukelele, drums, and currently exploring the erhu. (also known as a Chinese violin) He began learning the electric guitar at age 10 after inspired by Marty McFly's Rock n' Roll solo in "Back to the Future." While he learned the basics from his dad, chords, and simple songs- he studied music theory and technique on his own until he began formal instruction in his senior year of high school. As you guessed Juan mostly plays Rock but can play other styles such as Jazz and Funk. In a few years, he hopes to add traditional flamenco music to his repertoire. His dream is to open a music school in Mexico and have a recording studio here in Colorado Springs, connecting the two and allow people to study culture through music.
When asked what excited him the most about playing for Curbside Culture he said "It lets artists share with the community what we love to do the most so that people can have a moment to enjoy their daily lives. I think most artists do their crafts thinking about others and not about themselves- [The audience] enjoyment of our craft is our greatest satisfaction."

Due to health and safety measures, this outdoor concert is by invitation only but still available for the masses to stream on social media.
Join us virtually by streaming live on UCCS Downtown Facebook or GOCA Instagram

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